We Are Now Approved MCLE providers for the State of California!

E-Discovery/ESI The Basics
3-hour course

E-Discovery & Social Media 
2-hour course

E-Discovery Ethics
2-hour course

E-Discovery Evidence
3 to 6-hour course

ESI in the Law Office
2-hour course

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"Fellas, so far based on what I am hearing (including one attorney who emailed me this morning and called your presentation "probably one of the best seminars in all history"), the response to your program is the most positive I have ever heard regarding any CLE that I have ever attended or of which I have been a part. You and Jim should be really proud."  

-Jim K

"Thank you both again for sharing your valuable time with our group. You did a fantastic job. The feedback that I received from the attendees was tremendous - certainly the best that I have received in my years as co-chair.

It was great meeting you both." 

- Howard

"Everyone is saying that it's the best symposium we have ever put together (and that's been 20 years). You two are amazing, and the whole chapter is so grateful that you were willing to take three days out of your busy lives to educate us. I am tasked with finding next year's speakers, and you will be an impossible act to follow! "

- Cheryl

"Once again, many thanks for a fantastic presentation."

- Michael