Consult with and assist in developing office policies that impact electronically stored information such as:

  • Document retention Back up versus archive systems
  • Personnel policies for the use of:
  • Email in the work place
  • Personal electronic devices in the workplace
  • Work taken home using personally owned equipment
  • Privacy/Ownership issues
  • Social Media use
  • Develop a Litigation Response Team
  • Prepare a Litigation Response Plan
  • Create a hardware and software data map
  • Assist business as needed in the event the business is sued.

Assistance with responding to an ESI demand during litigation. This includes:

A. Providing service as an ESI vendor to litigation counsel in the determination of the company or individual’s data universe including systems, software  and media to allow for the preservation of ESI.

B. Work with the company staff to collect and organize hardware and software manuals and determine what transportable media of employees or others may contain ESI within the bounds of the hold or the demand as may be required by a litigation hold letter or ESI demand.
C. Assist the company or individual with preparation for the first meet and confer conference with the opposing party.

D. Determine what litigation counsel need by way of ESI support and provide that assistance or obtain that assistance for them.

E-Discovery Continued Education

Providing continuing legal education (CLE) about e-discovery is a part of our commitment to service at E-Discovery Readiness & Response, Inc. When it comes to e-discovery, knowledge is what puts you ahead of everybody else. Our CLE is designed to give you the know-how and the tools needed to be competent in the representation of your clients.

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